Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Virtual Reality, Nausea, and preparing for the Oculus Rift.

I wrote this post like 6 months ago but neglected to ever post it. Have spent a good amount of time with the Oculus Rift and will do a new post with my thoughts.

The countdown has begun! Technically the countdown started on Jan 16th when I ordered the rift...but after last night it really started when I received the following email: Your Oculus Rift has shipped.

I've been distracted with the news ever since scouring the internet for articles, threads, blogs, subreddits, and websites dedicated to Oculus Rift news and information in an attempt to be completely prepared for when it arrives. Similar to my entries about the Raspberry Pi and other micro computers, I'll be using this blog to chronicle my misadventures.


The Oculus Rift is a new hardware peripheral allowing premiere virtual reality experiences at consumer level pricing.  Last year a Kickstarter campaign was started to provide funding for development and manufacturing of the device, they well exceeded their Kickstarter goal and in the past 6 weeks have begun shipping the development version of the product. 

The hardware advancements of today have made a believable virtual reality experience possible for relatively low cost. Mobile phones have really been the forefront of the push for small high density displays, pushing the cost of the parts needed significantly lower. 

RoadToVr is maintaining a well put together page for currently supported and in development games. 


I'm excited to explore again in the worlds I discovered years ago.  A...lot...of....people who already received their development kit seem to comment on the sense of scale. You feel how tall (or small) you are supposed to be in the game world. The tunnel vision our brain tries to build for immersion is no longer working harder than necessary. You are there.

below: my roommate trying 'Alone in the Rift'

Some people have experienced sickness from this sensation or a feeling of uneasiness...of your brain making movements your body isn't physically feeling. Imagine rolling in an plane but instead of moving with the plane, your body remains completely still, and just your eyes move. It's a hard concept to visualize and even more difficult to experience.


Now that I've had the Oculus Rift for about 5 months I've had some time to reflect. Next post will cover my first time reaction and other reactions I've witnessed. Games that I've played and enjoyed using the Rift and exploring some of my own ideas for using this technology.